About Us

Milan Půlkrábek

I remember computers without the internet, the Internet without Google, and mobile communication without encryption 🙂
I have more than twenty years of professional experience in IT, I lecture and write articles about IT security, cryptocurrencies, and new technologies.

Other projects:

I am a former member of the management of Paralelní Polis, a non-profit organization providing education in the field of digital freedom. Currently, you can meet me at the Security Meetup, which I host here.


Nikola Schovanec

From Network Security Engineer in multinational corporation to Head of Security in a crypto company. And ten years of cybersecurity experience in between.

I am a security generalist with common sense and no fear of using it.

What distinguishes me from other security folks? The competency to explain security concepts in simple terms, the never ceasing keenness to find balance between security risk mitigation and business enablement and the ability to navigate complex high pressure situations with a cool head.